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Word Horde's Journal
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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
12:49 pm
Welcome to Word Horde, the exciting new quarterly magazine with a focus on literature, poetry, and popular culture. We are currently critiquing and accepting for publication short stories, poetry, reviews, literary criticism, essays, comics, artwork, and what not for our initial three issues.

Each issue will focus on a single theme, and will present diverse expressions and meditations on the meanings and implications of these themes on modern (and Postmodern) life.

Word Horde is now accepting contributions for our first three issues:

Issue #1: The End - all things apocalyptic
Target date of release June 30, 2006
Submission deadline April 30, 2006

Issue #2: How To Get Away With Murder
Target date of release September 30, 2006
Submission deadline June 30, 2006

Issue #3: Porn in the U.S.A.
Target date of release Dec 30, 2006
Submission deadline Sept 30, 2006

Submitters seeking criticism and guidance may post and develop works here. Hardcopy submissions may be mailed to: Apeshit! Media / p.o. box 2074 / Petaluma, Ca 94953-2074, or contact us to submit work in person. Submissions will not be returned, so please send copies rather than originals. Contributors will receive a handful of issues and the satisfaction of seeing their name and ideas in print.

Word-Horde is a production of Apeshit! Media - (c) 2005 All rights and wrongs reserved
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